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Natural heritage

Nested between two hills, Houlgate is surrounded by luxurious green areas : La Butte de Caumont on the west and le Bois de Boulogne on the East of the resort. Many itineraries are offered to beginners or advanced walkers in and about Houglate.

The natural wonder of Houlgate is its famous Falaises des Vaches Noires (the Cliffs of the Black cows).

Situated to the East of Houlgate and below Auberville and to the west of Villers-sur-Mer, these cliffs are a wide fossil necropolis underneath which lay countless ammonites, belemnites, and fossils of great interest (a crocodile gigsaw was found there). The cliffs have been listed as a site of natural and scientific interest. One is therefore allowed to collect fossiles but forbiden to dig up or break stones to find some. The cliffs being slowly eroded by the sea and it is very common to find fossils at low tide (be careful, check the tide time table before going to the cliffs : only go there where tide is going down).

The Falaises des Vaches Noires is one of Houlgate's greatest natural wonders. The name comes from the big black coloured and cow shaped boulders lying on the sand. In the past, fishermen use them a reference points when they were out fishing.

Areas of the cliffs have been nicknamed the desert, the chaos... The chaos is prone to landslides due to the sipping of water from the ground and down to the beach. The top layers of clay slowly sliding above the layers underneath, creating unique terrain.


Gallery of the Falaises des Vaches Noires



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